Sunday, 16 August 2015

Tentang Puisi

"Kalo Kak Bes bikin puisi pasti bagus deh"
"Kok gitu?"
"Soalnya bahasa yang dipake di tulisannya gitu"

Yes. I like poetry. So much. I've write and read so much poetry since elementary school. I'm not saying that I'm a poet. I'm just saying that I like ones. I don't have any formal knowledge about poetry. I don't know which year produce what poetry or who is the great poet of each era. I don't know such thing. So don't ask me that kind of question after you read this.

The fact is, I write poetry as an expression of my overflown emotion that has to be transferred somewhere. Anger, disgust, joy, sorrow, even yearn, all of that emotion could easily written all over the blank paper as a poetry. No genre. No theme. Just a poetry.

And I read a poetry just like that. I read it everywhere. I don't fancy certain people or certain era, just read a poetry. I just read it because I think I could feel the emotion. I don't need to verify the meaning behind it, nor even care if the poet has meaning. Just want to read it and interpret it as I like.

I write a poetry for me
I read ones for me
And I like it
And I decide to share what I like to you

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