Saturday, 7 November 2015

Detective Stories

I really love detective stories. And I don't know why. It is just so enjoyable to read (or watch) mysteries cases, murder event, and to deduct the culprit behind it. Regrettably, I am a part of the mainstream reader (and watcher) so I don't read (or watch) varies thing.

I found reading mysteries fun probably in my first grade of elementary. My cousin has that Detective conan book in his home and I read it because I don't have anything to read that time (I like reading so much since the beginning of my ability to read. And I love book ever since before I can read. And I swallow everything from novel and comic books to science and critical reading). So there, I read it and I got addictive.

The First Series that I read, Though before, it still has a white edge in the cover and the title still called "Detective Conan"

In elementary, I found many of my friends like read too, so we often share what have we read and exchange book. At the end of 5th grade in elementary, I've read all the Detective Conan books and I want to have more stories. So, I was introduced into Q Detective School. It was a short but meaningful story. Even now I have the scanned version of that comic. And I like it so much.

In middle school, I found another detective stories while I was bored and stay in the library all day long. I found the complete series of Sherlock Holmes. Of course I know Sherlock from Conan series, so I tried to read that, even though all of the books was in english. So I read it all, from the Study in Scarlet until The Return of Sherlock from the Reichenbach Falls.

And so on, by the times, I read and watch many things, The Five (a book by Enid Blyton), Sherlock (BBC Series), Magic Kaito (a Manga by Aoyama Gosho), Detective Kindaichi (a manga illustrated by Fumiya Sato), Dr Frost (a manhwa by jung jaebum), and many more novel that I cannot remember the title anymore. I really like Dan Brown's books too. Lately I watch Crime Scene too (a Korean Variety Show). I love that thing, I love detective stories. So much.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

(That Thing They Called) Affection

Belakangan ini lagi sering banget denger kata afeksi. Protes-protes terkait kurang afeksi pada kami, pada mereka, pada aku, dan kamu. Keinginan-keinginan untuk mencurahkan afeksi pada orang-orang tertentu, pada benda tertentu pada sekelompok orang tertentu.

Ada ekspektasi-ekspektasi akan afeksi. Ada tuntutan sejumlah besar afeksi.

Tapi, ketika kita memberikan afeksi kita karena tuntutan (pada akhirnya), masihkah itu kita sebut sebagai afeksi? Atau sebenarnya itu hanyalah kepura-puraan yang kita bungkus senyum palsu dan kita namakan kasih sayang?

Buatku, afeksi adalah ketika aku benar menyayangi dia. Ingin tersenyum padanya dan memberitahunya bahwa semua baik saja. Buatku, afeksi adalah ketika aku memang ingin memberikan suhu hangatku padanya ketika ia membutuhkan seorang untuk menemaniya berduka. Buatku afeksi adalah ketika dia belari memelukku dan aku menyambutnya dengan tangan dan hati yang terbuka lebar. Tanpa paksa, karena aku ingin.

Afeksi adalah ketika aku memberikannya tanpa embel apapun. Tanpa teringat ata apapun. Dan ketika aku memberikannya atas nama afeksi, maka masihkah itu bernama afeksi?

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Week 10: My Future Plan

Habiibati Bestari, S.Sos
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Mau pulang

Getting Married
Going back to school :3