Saturday, 24 October 2015

(That Thing They Called) Friendship

I often watch dramas or films that shows years friendships. Decades of friendships. And now I came to the time where I challenged that. Next year will be the first year of me not going to school (or college), which is a source of friends. Starting next year, I don’t know if I have a friend stay by my side and hear me every day. Starting next year.

But more importantly, do people need friends?

Twenty past year I believe that friendship is something I should treasure more than anything. I have to make a good friends, have some best friends, help them when I could, and asking for help when I need. But people change, people become mature. In that thing we called matureness, we thought we were became considerate. We were afraid to tell others our problem, because we were scared to add more burden to their life. That thing called matureness is none other than our selfish side to be recognized as a considerate person. 

I still believe that friendship is something I has to treasure.

But what to do? Me too, change. Me too, become more mature. Me too, become afraid to tell others my stories. Don’t know who to tell or what should I tell. In the name of being considerate, in the name of becoming adults, slowly, I lost my boldness to share a little bit of my life to my friends and stupidly wants to bear everything all alone, trying to act tough. 

In the name of time, maybe I would lost my friends someday. Not because they left, but because I don’t dare to disturb them. Stupidly.