Saturday, 5 December 2015

(That Thing They Called) Manners

As I'm going older and older, I found myself critics easily about younger people. One thing I critics most is manners.

I don't know is it because I'm a javanese, or because my family hold manners value highly, or because everyone else doesn't think much about manners, but I do found it very hard to find people with manners here in the place I'm staying, nowadays.

To find people that says, "excuse me" before passing by
To find people that says, "What can I help with?" when seeing someone in a hard time
To find people that says, "I'm sorry I couldn't attend" when he can't
To find people that speak soft in front of elder
that smile alot for other people
and help alot
well behaved

Is it a very difficult request? Or is it actually a quest?

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