Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Happiest Time

These days I'm up to nothing. After my last project, I'm unemployeed. So I just lie around my bed lazily and opened twitter-instagram-askfm-youtube all day long. And sometimes opened my PC to watch series or another channel on youtube.

I used to think, what could go wrong? This is life that anyone always wanted. With nothing to do, no responsibilities, gotta watch my favourites all day long virtually, on top of that, I didn't have to worry for my living cost because I still have money. But this noon I've come to think, this is not happiness. All the doing-nothing is not my happiness. And I began to asks myself, when did I've had my happiest time?

And the answer just pop up immediately in my head. As if it's been there a long time, waiting myself to ask this obvious answer.

I'm the happiest at my elementary, cooking chocolate with my close friends. I'm the happiest when I went home together with my small gang at middle school. I'm the happiest when I went on LDKMS, when I planned an event, when I study my hardest at the tough-time in high school. I'm the happiest at my time in BEM. In fact, I'm the happiest when I'm with another people. Dreaming on something we dream together. Planning on wildness we built together. Doing on something we all promised to. In fact, I'm the happiest when I sweat myself out, talking about things, making friends. That's when I'm the happiest.

Of course doing nothing in my room was sure a comfortable act. But this isn't happiness. My happiness is out there, within people and action. Within weary and tears. Within hard times and suffer. Not in bed. Not in my room. Not now.

So, I think I have things to do now.

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